Recipe ideas

Maison Loste Savoie cured ham montagnard sandwich

  • Serves : Makes one sandwich
  • 110g ciabatta bread
  • 50g Maison Loste IGP Savoie cured ham
  • 20g unpasteurised raclette cheese
  • 10g potatoes
  • 5g butter
  • Gherkins
Recipe details

Halve the bread without removing the crusts.


Toast the top of the sandwich 'lid' for a toasted panini effect. Butter the base. 


Arrange potato slices around the edges and in the middle, then layer the sliced ham on top.


Finally, add 2 generous slices of raclette cheese and gently melt the cheese. 


Place 2 or 3 halved gherkins on the top.


Close the sandwich.