step 1


the raw materials

The sausage is made from lean and carefully selected meat, either shoulder or leg of pork.

step 2


The lean meat is mixed with fat, spices and other ingredients according to the recipe. This mixture is then either finely or coarsely minced, depending on the type of sausage desired.

step 3


The casings are washed, degreased and inspected before being filled with the sausage mixture. All the casings used in our kitchens are natural, so as to bring out all the flavour of the sausages. No need to peel it, just take a bite !

step 4

Drying and curing

During the drying process, the sausage is suspended in a humid room to help eliminate water and kick-start the development of the natural bloom on the surface of the sausage.


The curing that follows seamlessly completes the maturation of each of our sausages and unlocks all their flavour.