The history of cured sausage

When were sausages invented ? 

No-one knows which came first, sausages or cured sausages. Be that as it may, this mystery dates back to the Greco-Roman period. 

1546 appears to show the first mention of the word "saucisson" (cured sausage) in France, in The Third Book by Rabelais, a work celebrating undeniable hedonism. That’s all we know.

How to choose it

Sausages of all shapes and sizes ! Rosette for slicing, various cured sausages, as well as bite-sized options for snacking !

The size of the mince determines the look and texture of the sausage. For example, fine mince eliminates big pieces of fat and makes it melt in the mouth.

Pick your favourite !

Certain labels and endorsements such as “pure pork” and “premium standard” promise outstanding quality.

The natural bloom on the sausage may be white or greyish.

How to prepare it


Select a straight cut, well-sharpened blade to avoid damaging the meat.


Cut your sausage into thin slices… the thinner the better for appreciating its flavour !

Tips : you can also use a sausage guillotine or ask your butcher to machine slice the sausage of your choice !

How to enjoy it


For an accompaniment to drinks with friends, a great starter for a three-course meal, a sandwich for a picnic or to snack

on during the day…

Whatever the occasion, at any time of day...

Enjoy !