step 1


the raw materials

Various selection criteria are essential to the quality of a cured ham :

  • The provenance of the pig
  • The weight of the fresh ham
  • Where it is dried
step 2

The salting process

Each ham is covered in salt by hand. It is then stored flat for several days so that the salt releases the moisture from the meat. The salt crystals are then removed from the surface of the ham, which is rinsed in fresh water. Each step may be repeated several times.

step 3

The curing process

Over the course of the previous steps, the ham will have already lost 10 – 15% of its bulk. It is suspended for 4 months minimum in a cold and humid room so the salt can penetrate deep within.

step 4


This specific process depends on the ham and the country. A "raw" ham must be dried for 60 days, a "cured" ham for 130 days and a "superior cured" ham for 210 days.